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2017 Green University League Table Results

Manchester MetropolitanThere’s endless league tables in place which rank universities in a plethora of different categories, but the Green University League Tables take ethical and environmental factors into account when assessing universities, and the rankings of universities varies greatly due to this difference. In 2017’s results, you can see a large increase in the number of universities passing the assessments – a big change from previous years in which even Russel-Group universities found themselves failing.

This year has seen Manchester Metropolitan University take the lead as top of the first class universities. Scoring highly in its environmental policies and carbon management, the university is showing promising awareness towards the environment and its usage of potential harmful resources. Energy usage awareness is key in this assessment, and a first class university will consciously monitor this and promote environmentally aware consumption.

Sustainability Services

Waste and recycling is a major element of providing sustainability services and growth for any area. The universities that pass this league table’s assessments show innovative growth in waste disposal and management technologies, and keeping their students and employees eagerly informed through appropriate training and awareness.

The sustainability a university shows in this scoring system is of major importance to the students attending the university, and the staff involved in the establishment. It’s of paramount importance for a university to be taking part in socially responsible investing; this could include anything from investments into alternative energy sources or implementations of less impactful waste management. Sheffield Hallam University in 2016 showed a great example of this by introducing a new environmental standard for its campus, and invested in its environmental impacts campaign to reduce their carbon footprint and improve waste management.

Another important factor of assessment in the Green University League Tables is educating students on the importance of sustainability and awareness. First class universities showed proactive measures to educate students, with extra-curricular activities based around the need for sustainable development and how this can be achieved in different scenarios. An example of this can be found from the University of Liverpool, in which progress has been made in the past few years to reduce the volume of laser printer waste and energy usage in the IT departments – Information was given to the residents of the university informing them of facts they might not know regarding updates to their PC and leaving different devices on for extended periods of time.