BREEAM In-Use gaining momentum

There is an increasing eagerness among investors, building owners, landlords, facilities managers and building occupiers to understand actual building performance. With the new 2018 version of the BREEAM New Construction scheme there are now opportunities to achieve credits under a Post-Occupancy Stage of certification. But what about the ongoing performance and associated costs of buildings once in operation?

Please Mind the Gap


Since the release of The BREEAM 2015 In-Use scheme (International version applicable to all countries) BREEAM has been able to assist numerous portfolio owners worldwide in reducing operational costs and increasing their buildings’ efficiency. The BREEAM In-Use scheme helps bridge the ‘performance gap’ between modelled outputs and operational realities, and thus enhances tenant and asset value and increases market demand. The scheme enables building owners and managers to understand how satisfied building users are with assets. Through the In-Use tool, asset managers and owners are empowered with information to improve asset performance and internal environments for building users’ wellbeing and productivity.

By identifying performance gaps through BREEAM In-Use developers can take steps to achieve a better performing building and increase tenant-value.


A great tool to achieve CSR and ESG targets


BREEAM In-Use is an increasingly popular tool in contributing to corporate social responsibility and environmental social governance, business reporting and sustainable business leadership.

The BREEAM In-Use assessment process is broken down into three Parts:

  • Part 1 – Asset Performance: the performance of the asset’s built form, construction, fixtures, fittings and installed services.
  • Part 2 – Building Management: the management of the asset.
  • Part 3 – Occupier Management: the management of building users and services. (Only available for Offices).

A Part 1 or Part 2 assessment can be conducted in isolation. A Part 3 assessment is recommended to be undertaken in combination with a Part 2 assessment as the score achieved for Part 2 feeds into the score for Part 3. It is recommended however that assets are assessed against all 3 Parts to map out the overall environmental impact of their asset.

The final outcome of a BREEAM In-Use assessment is a certified BREEAM In-Use rating for the Part against which an assessment is undertaken. This certified BREEAM In-Use rating reflects the asset’s performance across the BREEAM environmental categories. It enables the performance of the asset to be benchmarked, but most importantly, the knowledge obtained from such a comprehensive assessment allows the asset’s performance to be optimised through informed management decisions. By enabling on-going assessments, BREEAM In-Use encourages continual improvement.

Assessing an asset according to BREEAM In-Use means a client can:

  • Set key performance indicators for energy, water, waste and greenhouse gas performance
  • Understand the performance of assets within their portfolios
  • Benchmark individual assets within portfolios against similar assets
  • Optimise the performance of their buildings through good management, maintenance and occupation policies and procedures
  • Set performance improvement targets and measure progress over time
  • Support BRE on the continuing development of BREEAM In-Use by identifying and improving best environmental performance of existing buildings


Would you like to better understand the operational performance of your assets and increase tenant satisfaction to benefit your assets value? Get in touch!