IKEA’s Wembley store

IKEA’s Smart Lighting Move

How IKEA’s Trådfri range of smart lighting could be a ‘must-have’ accessory for the home

Will the last person to buy an incandescent light bulb please remember to switch off the lights before they leave…? For today’s households and facilities management companies, smart lighting hasn’t only come of age. It is now a mainstream thing as today’s LED-based systems are more affordable.

Over the last month, IKEA has embraced smart lighting solutions. Once you’ve got the Swedish furniture giant embracing the idea, you know the technology or design trend has made its mark. What’s more, their systems are even more affordable than the next one in the market (namely the Philips Hue). Whereas you could expect to pay hundreds of pounds for Philips’ system, IKEA’s range starts at £15.

Introducing Trådfri

Trådfri is the name of IKEA’s smart lighting range. Translated from Swedish to English, Trådfri means ‘wire free’, or ‘wireless’. The cheapest item of their range is their plug and play warm light dimming kit, priced £15. To get things started, the Trådfri Gateway Kit is yours for £69. For that, you get two LED bulbs, a remote control, and the gateway device itself (which connects to an app).

In the last decade, IKEA stores have sold LED lighting systems, either as part of stand alone lamps, or ceiling mounted lights. This has included lighting systems for bookcases and kitchen units.

The app only works with IKEA’s own system. As for compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home, this could be months away, subject to customer demand. One never knows. Could IKEA’s blessing be enough to bring smart lighting systems to the masses?