Kings Place: Britain’s BREEAM Leader

Why the Kings Place development off Regent’s Canal has at this moment in time, the highest BREEAM rating in the United Kingdom

The BREEAM award winning Kings Place, London. Image by Keith Paisley (via Shutterstock).

The award-winning Kings Place: seen with Regent’s Canal in full view. Image by Keith Paisley, 2011 (Creative Commons License: Attribution-Share Alike).

In the last decade, the area around King’s Cross and St. Pancras stations has undergone a dramatic change. Until recently, it had been a down-to-heel part of London. Firstly, this was sparked by the Eurostar trains being moved to St. Pancras station. In 2008, the opening of Kings Place added another performance venue to the capital. Almost a decade after opening, its recent BREEAM assessment has given the arts venue something to talk about.

By June of this year, Kings Place achieved an operational rating of 95%. To date, this is the highest BREEAM assessment rating for a building in the UK. They succeeded by:

  • Introducing LED light fittings in common areas. This has seen a 30 MWh reduction in electricity consumption;
  • Cutting water usage in toilets by 12%: this was achieved by means of low-floor sensor taps;
  • Upgrading the green roof area to modern efficiency standards;
  • Installing state-of-the-art CO2, CO, and NOx sensors in relevant areas of the building. This helps to control the building’s plant room;
  • Adding internal pot plants, which absorb air pollutants and improve the air quality of Kings Place

For their efforts, they won this year’s award within the In-Use Category at the latest BREEAM awards. Based on preliminary assessment in 2008, the scores on the doors for Kings Place needed room for improvement. For its Part 1: Asset Performance score, 63%. Its Part 2: Property Management score was 59%. In almost a decade, they have made a genuine improvement.

Kings Place is noted for live performance, art exhibitions, and fine dining. It has two concert halls and conferencing facilities. If you happen to be in London, why not pay a visit and appreciate its BREEAM orientated credentials, as well as its live acts?

Mainer Associates, 14 August 2017.