Mainer Associates Achieve Gold Membership at Construction Line

What is Construction Line?

Construction line is an online platform that works to connect procurement, supply chain and environmental management companies that have completed PAS-91 questionnaires and mandatory health and safety accreditation. They collect and validate company information against accreditation schemes so that companies can minimise risk and improve performance when working with others in the industry.  

Using construction line and its accreditation schemes makes contracting work easier and smoother. It enables access to over 35,000 company profiles that have already completed pre-qualification questionnaires (PQQ) and offers the ability to advertise potential contracts. 

Completing these schemes removes the demand for pre-qualification questionnaires when taking-on new contracts. It saves time and money and makes complete sense for construction industry companies to complete. 

Mainer is Gold

Here at Mainer Associates we have recently been awarded Gold level 3 accreditation from construction line, allowing us establish environmental consultancy and management contracts with greater ease.

The gold level 3 membership involves a greater level of inspection and identification of potential risks through a more rigorous PQQ along with a compulsory health and safety accreditation. 

For Mainer, this means our environmental management, quality management, company equality and diversity is now verified against the British Standards Institute. If companies in the supply chain want to approach us for potential work, they can now do so with the assurance they are engaging into a professional contract of work with a company up-to-date with legislation and governance. 

To achieve gold membership is great as it reassures potential clients Mainer are suitable for high value and high-risk projects. It broadens our horizons for potential contracts.

Despite having a small staff base, we also implement principles of the Equality Act 2010 and Modern Slavery Act 2015 into our everyday conduct to ensure we promote equality within the workplace.   

A New Platform for Mainer

Not only does Gold level membership remove wasted time and money on pre-qualification questionnaires on new contracts, it also creates a fantastic platform on which we can advertise our specialist work and fine-tune potential clients that approach us. 

It creates transparency between firms across the construction industry through ‘supplier search functionalities’. This means we can read-up on companies and understand the work they perform before we begin a professional relationship. At the same time we can advertise work opportunities to help meet our increasing work load. This is a great asset for companies needing further knowledge and expertise in a specialised area.    


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