Mainer Associates and Sustainable Commuting

As some of you may be aware, there are currently exciting times ahead for Mainer Associates with the development of a new personalised office space for our growing company.

In preparation for the move, the team wanted to take the opportunity to look at our own operations and ensure sustainable principles were at the core of our new commutes.

The company has invested in an electric vehicle for employees to use for travelling to and from work and to attend meetings within the local Manchester area. The vehicle has zero emissions at the point of use and offers and ideal mode of transportation for Mainer Associates employees.

Mainer Associates feel it is important employees can travel to work with ease and it was clear car travel was going to be the easiest method of transport to travel to the new office. However, the embodied impact of our operations was going to significantly increase – an electric vehicle was an easy choice!

The electric vehicle market has seen continued growth in recent years with charging infrastructure also becoming increasingly widespread throughout UK cities. In 2017 sales of electric vehicles passed the million mark, globally (Mckinsey).

In the UK, the government is now offering grants to those wanting to purchase a new low-emission vehicle to help incentivise uptake in sustainable transport. It’s important to provide consumers with opportunities to make the shift away transportation based on fossil fuels, especially for single-person journeys. For most consumers, price is the key influencer, and in a market where prices on new electric cars are notoriously high, this is a positive step.

Check out information on the governments’ grants here.

Whilst anyone can get a private charging point installed at their home, the UK also has a promising public network of electric chargers. These vary between fast and rapid charger types and most are free! Others charge per kWh used. The UK has invested 400million into the charging infrastructure investment fund and aims to support businesses to build charging points, promote jobs in the industry and encourage private ownership of electric vehicles, giving consumers confidence in the practicalities of owning an electric car.

Mainer Associates currently utilise a private charge point at our new office and the Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle (GMEV) charging network. The GMEV charge points are quick and easy to use. With the ‘charge your car’ mobile app you can see which charge points in your local area are available. You simply plug in your car and use your RFiD card to start charging!

Private Charge Point

Private Charge Point


Public Charge Point - GMEV Network

Public Charge Point – GMEV Network

The GMEV network is a great asset to the city in moving towards a low-carbon economy. In 2018, Transport for Greater Manchester were granted a further £3million for an additional 48 dual bay rapid charging points. This a fantastic move for the city and demonstrates the local government is improving EV infrastructure and incentivising up-take of low-emission transport.


Car Share

Mainer Associates regularly work on developments within large-scale business parks. The asset managers of these business parks often implement car share programmes for tenants and employees to use via online registration.

We have applied these initiatives to our own commuting and travel to and from the new office. Our employees currently practice car shares throughout the week meaning the environmental and social benefits of a zero emissions vehicle are distributed throughout the company.


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