Mainer Associates supporting Age of Hope

At Mainer Associates we aim to support our chosen charity, The Seashell Trust, with both our time and donations throughout the year. Every year we participate in cycling events, help out at sports days, and provide assistance where we can.

Additionally, we also like to support our staff with any charity donations and work they wish to carry out.

To this end, Mainer Associates is supporting children in need of help to get a good start in the new school year.

We will be providing school supplies to Age of Hope, a charity established in 2010 in Central Europe with the aim to help disadvantaged children and those living in extreme poverty.

Other than the basics needed by any pupils, staff at Mainer Associates have sent old school bags which we are sure will find good homes.

Age of Hope charityAge of Hope frequently organises collections for people in need and receive donations from companies and individuals as well. Other than aiming to provide people in need with food and clothes, the charity has a strong focus on giving valuable memories to children by taking them travelling and camping.

We congratulate Melinda, one of our consultants, for taking the initiative and supporting a charity of her own choosing and we look forward to assisting Melinda in this way in the future.