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Spire Healthcare

Spire Healthcare

Wellington Place

As part of the larger masterplan the developer, MEPC, have placed a BREEAM requirement of ‘Excellent’ for all buildings on site.

Mainer Associates have been appointed directly by MEPC for pre-tender works and novated to the Contractor for the construction phase.

We have conducted a number of workshops at the early project stages to ensure that BREEAM is considered and credits can be awarded prior to tender. This strategy also provides greater cost certainty as tendering contractors have more detailed information with which to develop their tender submission.

Sustainability is a key aspect of MEPC’s company policy and the buildings at Wellington Place demonstrate this. Including a combination of innovative building fabric design and services installations, the project team have been able to deliver high quality, energy efficient and functional office space.

The buildings make the most of the considerable amount of glazing increasing levels of natural daylight. In combination with daylight dimmable lighting and PIR controls, lighting loads on the building are kept to a minimum.

Highly efficient Variable Refrigerant Flow heat pump systems with a high coefficient of performance provide heating and cooling throughout the building while air-to-water heat pumps handle hot water demand in some buildings.

With the city centre location, public transport links are excellent and the developer has further reduced car use by providing extensive cycling facilities, including covered cycle racks and shower and changing facilities.

Spire Nottingham

Spire Healthcare – Nottingham

Mainer Associates are delighted to be working with Parker Wilson Consulting on this prestigious development in Tollerton, Nottingham.

From the very early stages of the development, Mainer have been working very closely with the team to ensure that the evolving design is compliant with the requirements associated with achieving BREEAM Very Good.

Due to the diligence employed by our staff, the development achieved a BREEAM Very Good very close to the start on site date. This meant that a considerable amount of pressure has been removed from the team during the early stages of the construction phase.

Due for completion in early 2017, we anticipate the development will achieve the required BREEAM Very Good with a couple of weeks of Practical Completion, again demonstrating that the integration of staff throughout the assessment process is key to hitting stringent timescales.

We have been delighted to be working alongside Parker Wilson Consulting as M&E Engineers, Morgan Sindall as main Contractor and Halliday Meacham as project Architects.

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YMCA Lakeside

Our Director Ben Wells undertook the Energy and Sustainability Statement for the proposed YMCA activity and education centre on Lake Windermere.

The complex site includes two main buildings with bed space, restaurant and ancillary facilities along with a variety of woodland lodges and staff accommodation.

The feasibility of a variety of renewable energy solutions was examined, the majority of which were discounted due to the issues of the site location.

The Local Planning Authority set stringent targets for renewable energy solutions and in the end, Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps were both put forward as potential options for the achievement of the condition set by the Planners.

Milton Park Thamesview

Milton Park

Mainer Associates is again delighted to be working with MEPC, this time on their Milton Park development South of Oxford.

Mainer Associates are appointed during RIBA Stage 1 / 2 of each project being progressed at the site which includes office space, high tech industries and laboratories and home to 9,000 workers within over 250 businesses.

Due to the Local Development Order facilitated by the Local Authority, the relaxed planning regulations make each development on the site move very quickly. Mainer Associates are brought in at the very early stages of the development to ensure the company policy of BREEAM Excellent is achieved with as little additional cost as possible.

During Stage 2 we make sure that early stage reports, required for BREEAM, are all compiled in a manner whereby the are compliant with the requirements. This ensures reports to not have to re-written at additional cost for the purposes of BREEAM.

Additionally, we have also set up a process with MEPC whereby technical reports are compiled for the site as a whole with appendices added for each development as they become live projects. This reduces costs for MEPC and makes the process of updating the reports more streamlined.

Due to the considerable amount of work undertaken by our staff at these early stages, the projects are set up in a way that tendering contractors are able to de-risk the BREEAM element of the project as nearly half the credits have been awarded prior to contract award.

Following on from this, Mainer Associates work closely with the successful contractors to deliver the design and post construction stages of the assessment in a timely manner with the aim of achieving Design Stage certification with two to three months of start on site and Post Construction Stage certification with two to three months of Practical Completion.

Further demonstrating our commitment to delivering services, tailored to our clients needs, we are now running workshops for MEPC Project Managers as to how we can assist them in streamlining the assessment process further.

White Swan York

White Swan, York

Mainer Associates were appointed to undertake a BREEAM refurbishment assessment, Part L calculations and daylighting calculations for the redevelopment of an old hotel in the centre of York.

The development includes a number of apartments to be owned by a local housing association and retail units on the ground floor.

Due to the age of the building, it was difficult to achieve the many of the more modern aspects of building regulations and standards now prevalent in schemes such as BREEAM.

We were able to assist the developer in achieving excellent levels of energy performance due to the improvements we were making on the existing fabric and services. While the property was heating through the use of electric panel heaters, we were able to facilitate improvements in energy performance through the use of whole house ventilation with heat recovery.

One of the planning conditions for the development was to achieve 10% from renewable energy sources. Options for the development were limited and as such we maximised the amount of PV on the project which took the development to around 7% energy from renewables. The council were not keen on other technologies like heat pumps due to the aesthetics and subsequently happy that we had done all possible to get to the desired levels and the condition was discharged.

There were a number of elements to the project where solutions had to be found to demonstrate compliance with and indeed adhere to the local planning authority requirements given the building was in a conservation area. Secure by Design is requirement of BREEAM but this could not be achieved as a result of the building having to maintain certain elements due to the conservation area status. As such we were able to work with the SBD officer and the Local Authority to work a solution which meant we could achieve the BREEAM credits.

Acoustics was another of the elements. We worked with the developer to ensure that details and products were used that meant the internal acoustic levels required for BREEAM were achieved.

The Assessment has been submitted to the BRE with a score of 60% thus creating a margin of 5% over the cut off for a Very Good rating to be achieved.

Asda Sutton

ASDA Sutton – BREEAM Very Good

Mainer Associates is pleased to announce that the new ASDA store in Sutton has been awarded a BREEAM Very Good rating at the Post Construction Stage.

Mainer Associates have been working on the development from the planning stages compiling Energy Statements to demonstrate compliance with the stringent energy performance standards set by the Local Authority.

From the point at which planning permission was granted, Mainer Associates worked collaboratively with the project team in order to ensure that the design stage BREEAM assessment was achieved in a timely manner given the pre-start conditions set by the Local Authority.

Once this was achieved the project was able to start on site and due to the short development programme, Mainer Associates were required to work at a fast pace in order to ensure credits were not lost during the construction of the store.

Our staff have been delighted to continue the working relationship with Lateral Property Group, DLA Architecture and GMI Construction and we hope to work with the team again in the future.