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YMCA Lakeside

Our Director Ben Wells undertook the Energy and Sustainability Statement for the proposed YMCA activity and education centre on Lake Windermere.

The complex site includes two main buildings with bed space, restaurant and ancillary facilities along with a variety of woodland lodges and staff accommodation.

The feasibility of a variety of renewable energy solutions was examined, the majority of which were discounted due to the issues of the site location.

The Local Planning Authority set stringent targets for renewable energy solutions and in the end, Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps were both put forward as potential options for the achievement of the condition set by the Planners.

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Monks Cross, York

For the Monks Cross development near York we are undertaking a number of BREEAM Assessments including 10 Retail and 1 Bespoke.

The development includes a number of retail units and a new community stadium and community centre. We are working closely with the project team and providing ongoing support to ensure the stringent planning and tenant requirements will be met.

A variety of fabric improvements have been put forward which demonstrate significant savings. We have also been instrumental in the decision-making process for the selection of renewable technologies for the site. We were able to utilise our influence within the project team to change the chosen renewable technology to be installed on site from ASHPs to Solar PV. This not only provided the retailer with the most appropriate technology for the site, but also enabled a significant uplift in the number of BREEAM credits awarded.