BREEAM Assessments

What is a BREEAM Assessment?

The Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) is a sustainability assessment of new build and refurbishment projects within the built environment.

Many Local Planning Authorities have the requirement to undertake BREEAM Assessments within Planning Policy and a large number of our clients undertake assessments to increase rental values and demonstrate their sustainability credentials.

The process itself is a holistic assessment of the sustainability of a construction project. Credits are awarded for achieving certain items within the following nine categories:

  • Management
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Transport
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Land-use & Ecology
  • Pollution
  • Innovation

Easier to start at start than at the finish so you can design your building in a manner that will achieve certification.

Who would need a BREEAM assessment?

As outlined above, the requirement or driver to undertake a BREEAM assessment could come from a number of sources including Planning Policy and client lead CSR.

Developers; Contractors; Architects; occupiers tenants; Building Services Engineers; and Building Management team could all have a need to procure our BREEAM Assessment services.

What benefits can BREEAM assessments bring?

In addition to meeting legislative requirements, BREEAM Assessment can help ensure that a new build or refurbishment project minimises the impact on the environment by encouraging more sustainable practices.

Potential increases in rental/sale value; lower running costs; improved CSR; and improved tenant retention, resulting in reduced void periods are all potential benefits of undertaking BREEAM Assessments.

How can we help?

We offer new construction, non-domestic refurbishment and fit out, domestic refurbishment, in-use, bespoke, international.

Mainer Associates offer the full suite of BREEAM assessments including:

  • Commercial (Retail, Offices, Industrial)
  • Public (Healthcare, Education)
  • Bespoke
  • International
  • Multi-Residential
  • Code for Sustainable Homes
  • BREEAM for Domestic Refurbishment
  • BREEAM in-use
  • Non-domestic refurbishment & fit-out

Our team has extensive experience in BREEAM and particularly in achieving the highest BREEAM ratings. We also have experience in large-scale mixed-use developments, most notably stadia and retail developments, both in the UK and in Europe. We possess the same experience in Code for Sustainable Homes having completed a wide range of assessments from tower blocks in central London to single dwellings throughout the UK.

Through the coordinated expertise of our in-house teams, Mainer Associates has developed a range of design approaches and specifications that satisfy BREEAM and Code requirements, and meet regulatory best practice. The experience and skills we have gained working on a wide variety of developments across different sectors enables us to bring additional value to a project team. Crucially, we focus our efforts on the most cost-effective, sustainable solution for our clients.

While other consultancies may simply undertake an assessor role, at Mainer Associates we look to bring our wealth of experience in sustainable design to the project team. It is through the inclusion of our experts at the early feasibility and design stages that the most appropriate solutions can be implemented in order to achieve higher BREEAM ratings.

Additional Services

Through our comprehensive network of associates we are able to provide all additional services required during a BREEAM or Code Assessment. These include ecology, transport, noise, energy and geotechnical studies, among others. This enables us to provide a one-stop shop including all peripheral services.

We also advise on procurement and construction site practices helping Contractors to manage site practices so that they can achieve the required credits within assessments. We have also provided training courses for contractors on the impacts of BREEAM and Code on the construction process.

BREEAM Assessments










Tracker Plus

Communication and project management is key to the success of any BREEAM or Code Assessment. We undertake all assessments using our online BREEAM Project Management tool, Tracker +.

As a BRE-accredited piece of software, it has been specifically designed to provide project teams and assessors with a platform to upload and assess project information and provide a level of access to progress previously absent. What is perhaps the most significant benefit of the system is that our assessors and consultants are able to remove many of the administrative tasks associated with BREEAM and undertake a more involved role for the client.

The following features and benefits help assessors and APs to manage assessment while providing design team members and other stakeholders with unrivalled access to progress information and tracker documents that are fully filterable.

  • Team member specific
  • Tracker documents
  • Task lists
  • Guidance documents
  • Traffic light system
  • Automatic updating
  • Fully transparent
  • Deadline alerts
  • Referencing
  • Progress graphs
  • Reference downloads


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