Building Services Consultants

shutterstock_255038119If you are in need of building services consultants, Mainer Associates can help. Building services can generally be defined as the elements needed to allow a building to function and provide for the occupants needs.

These elements include air conditioning, ventilation and heating, water services, gas, electricity, lighting, power, fire alarm systems, voice and data/coms systems. Buildings such as data centres and operation centres include critical systems with standby generators, ups, fire suppression, water detection and monitoring systems. Lifts may also provide disabled access or access for goods and people in multi-storey offices or residencies.

Buildings such as hospitals will require a wide range of specialist installations including ultra clean air technology, medical gases, nurse call and services to operating theatres, CSSD’s, X-ray, MRI and CT departments / associated HV. The scope of services that we offer range from traditional design of installations within construction projects through to project management services, some of which are detailed below. Our building services consultants undertake the design and specification of all these services, from tender to appointment of contractors and continual site monitoring of the contractors works during construction.

Mainer Associates have spent several years developing in-house Cad systems and protocols to not only deliver to our clients a full design co-ordinated solution, but to also manage this process with ease. Managing the flow of information, monitoring progress against programme, highlighting and resolving potential issues prior to installation, using the latest market available software to produce / process 2D / 3D (BIM) drawings.