GRESB Explained 

GRESB is an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Benchmark for real assets. It defines a global standard for sustainability performance to provide standardised and validated ESG data to capital markets. Investors can use this information to integrate non-financial criteria into their investment decisions and establish levels of risk.

GRESB Assessments capture information on ESG performance for real estate and infrastructure companies. It validates contents of assessments and rates performance against their in-house scoring model so that investors can analyse comparisons and differentiate asset performance.  Practice of ESG strategies is now a critical aspect of risk assessments in investment.

The assessments are steered by what investors and the real estate industry understand to be tangible issue in the environmental and sustainability performance of real asset investments.

Where asset developers utilise GRESB to monitor ESG performance they will gain access to ESG data, scorecards, benchmark reports, and portfolio wide analysis. It will provide annual review of next steps and actions to enhance ESG performance across your  asset portfolios.

Mainer Associates can complete GRESB assessments on your behalf and provide you with material and instructive insights into the sustainability performance of your investment portfolio.

GRESB assessments are completed on an annual basis and are submitted at the same time every year. We would collate your data and information required for GRESB submission and provide you with the entity benchmark reports to ensure you have the detailed information for future investments.

Mainer Associates and GRESB

Mainer Associates are able to assist clients wishing to submit GRESB returns and subsequently make improvements across a property portfolio for the purpose of maximising GRESB scoring but more importantly increasing the sustainability of property portfolios, reducing risks associated with investment decisions:

  • GRESB Real Estate Assessments.
  • GRESB Developer Assessments.
  • GRESB Pre-Assessments.
  • Peer benchmarking.
  • Sustainability reporting.
  • CSR & ESG reporting.

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