Renewable & Low Carbon Energy Consultancy

Mainer Associates has a team of renewable energy consultants and low carbon energy assessors who specialise in renewable energy solutions. Not only are we able to assist with developing business cases and project planning, we are also able to use our contacts in the renewable energy market place for the benefit of our clients.

In addition to using Dynamic Simulation Modelling to model the baseline and subsequent energy and carbon reduction improvements, for PV projects we utilise PV Sol Expert. This program enables us to model PV array in an incredible amount of detail. From modelling the effects of shading objects in 3D to selecting the most efficient panel and inverter manufacturers, we are able to provide a robust business case for our clients when selecting renewable technologies.

Low Carbon Energy Solutions

In addition to modelling payback periods on the basis of available funding streams such as Feed-in Tariffs and Renewable Heat Incentive, we are also able to offer third-party-funded installations. Our clients benefit from energy costs by entering into Power Purchase Agreements with a third party having benefitted from the installation of a particular technology free of charge. This option removes the barrier of capital investment while still providing the significant carbon and energy cost savings. For further information on our renewable energy solutions contact our renewable energy consultants on 07764 946 250 or please email us for a quick response.