The Ethos of ESOS

A look at ESOS, HM Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Saving energy could be seen as our tithe for saving the environment. More than ever, in our short time on Earth, we need to apply this approach openly and transparently. One idea is ESOS, Her Majesty’s Government’s Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme.

ESOS is the UK’s implementation ofArticle 8, sections 4 to 6 of the European Union’s Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) and only time will tell whether this Directive will remain post Brexit. The crux of ESOS is its assessment procedure which takes into account energy consumption across the business, and identifies where savings could be made.

Companies based in the UK, employing more than 250 employees, must comply with the scheme. The scheme not only applies to the company’s on-site activities; an ESOS assessment takes into account the carbon footprint for travel to and from the premises. For example, business travel or commercial vehicles used from one site to another.

Under ESOS, energy includes combustible fuels, heat sources (including surplus heat from industrial processes), electricity, and renewable energy. All energy use is covered. For Combined Heat and Power installations, you only need to record incoming fuel levels.

How ESOS works around your energy requirements

Commute to work

Commuting to work may be a thing of the past with ESOS.

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme encourages your business to better manage its energy consumption. After assessment, your company is encouraged to identify energy saving opportunities. Instead of a train journey or a long drive, videoconferencing could be considered for meetings. Smart meters could be installed with improved energy consumption reporting facilities available. And renewable energy solutions could be considered to deliver a proportion of demand.

What’s more, some of the energy saving solutions may require little outlay. Existing computer systems could be used for teleconferencing, your next meeting could be a Skype or Facetime call away. Smart meters can be added to your premises free of change. All you need to do is contact your electricity supplier.

ESOS is about continuous development rather than a short term fix. It highlights opportunities for businesses and those that get on board with that process rather than seeing it as red tape, will get the most out.